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A freelance translator or a translation agency?

May 9, 2012

Language translation is basically a mixture of creativity, exceptional writing skills, proper understanding and application of different languages etc. Present market has been flooded with so many translation agencies and naturally someone can get confused in choosing the right one. Many can even offer to get quality service through freelance translation service. Freelance translation could be very cost effective but you need to ensure whether you’ll be getting professional quality from a freelancer!

With the advancement of internet technology our ways of communication get very fast. Now you can communicate to your worldwide business partners with a simple click of mouse. But we still need to prioritize the quality in every aspect, like while serving your business partner or client you need to be ensuring about providing them excellent support. While sending any business related letter, quotation or anything that needs to be translated in a different language that you speak, you must take into consideration about hiring a proficient person who can effectively handle the issue. So quality is the most important issue here. Now you must complete the job within a fixed time period, so time is also another issue and third one is payment that you have to pay for the job. So the question is how will you organize the entire concept after keeping all important issues under consideration? The answer is to go and hire an expert translator from a reputed translation agency, instead of thinking about any freelance translator. I’m not against in recruiting a freelance person, can understand a freelance translator can also provide you quality translation. But you know where you have any business issue or anything that is correlated with your company’s reputation or professionalism you must be very careful in selecting something that would be less risky.

Why selecting any freelance translator could be risky for you?

A freelance person is comparatively less reliable than any reputed translation agency in respect of time. Freelancers usually take huge projects at a time, so it could a bit hard for them to promise you about a fixed time. Usually a freelance translator would never go for any agreement prior to start work for your project. But a language translation company would always provide you guarantee for time to time delivery.

A self-employed person can be a skilled language translator and even can have high expertise in 3, 4 or more languages. But you know it could be hard for you to find out a freelance translator who has expertise in any special field. Like for example if you need to translate a medical related document from English to Spanish, you can get a freelance person who can effectively translate any English text to Spanish. But no guarantee is there that the person would have efficacy in understanding medical related terminologies. You know in any good translation agency they can offer you a expert translator having specialized in a particular area whether medical, engineering, IT, finance and so on…

A person could have exceptional translation skills, but that doesn’t mean he/she can translate any document from a business perspective. In case of freelance language translators you could hardly expect to get a professional quality translation from them. May be the translated document is correct, maybe there is no error in sentence or grammar. But you know professionalism reflects from experience, proper market research and always getting updates with latest trends and technologies. Translation agencies that are doing business for long always try to provide you high quality jobs to keep their reputation good! They know how the translated document should look like to convince a person. They well understand your purpose of business and your requirement as well!

Translation companies offer native language speaking translators for accuracy and quality! It’s obvious that you might not always get a German speaking freelance translator for converting any English to German document.

For translating documents like passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc. where you must hire a ‘certified translator’ you must hire a legalized person from a reputed language translation agency.

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  1. The translation service you recommend is a great agency!

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